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Injini 2019
Women in Africa 54
Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme & Incubation Hub 2019

Injini 2019

So our journey to scale up the Injini Ed Tech Incubation and Accelaration approach across five Southern African Countries of Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia and Botswana begins!

A big thank you to the Southern Africa Innovation Support Program (SAIS 2) and the Finnish Government for the vote of confidence and funding.

Looking forward to learning and making an impact with you and our consortium between January 2019 to June 2020!


Injini 2019

Women in Africa 54

The WIA54 application portal is now open to all Africa Women until February 15th !
If you have a business that can transform Africa, here’s your chance to apply and become one of the 54 women entrepreneurs selected !
Start your #WIA54 application NOW ! =>


Women in Africa 54

Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme & Incubation Hub 2019

Registration is now closed, we will be posting updates during the course of the incubation.

Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme & Incubation Hub 2019

Agenda for Action


The entrepreneurship symposium held on the 28th June 2018, with the theme ‘Energising the Namibian Entrepreneur’ had as one of its main objectives, to come up with a list of items that would help entrepreneurs do business better in Namibia. Below is what the room full with over 200 entrepreneurs told us.

Entrepreneurs and service providers are now encouraged to register on the website and  inform us if you can provide any of these services, we will then list you and work with you to start offering the service to other entrepreneurs.

Use this button to register   REGISTER


Match Making Service

Match Making Service Namibia Entrepreneurs links entrepreneurs at various stages with venture capitalists, angel investors, philanthropists, potential business partners and mentors. If you have a good idea, here you will find the money and the mentorship to make it work.

Download our mobile app to access our entrepreneur toolbox. The app provides match-making services, business plan templates, financial information, innovation mapping and everything that an entrepreneur needs to get going.
Click the link to access sign-up for match-making: Join

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